Our Depths

Despite growing up in Ontario, Canada, far from any ocean, I have always had a passion for the ocean and its preservation.

In 2014, I fulfilled my childhood dreams to become a certified scuba diver and volunteer at a wildlife centre in the tropics where I could work with sea turtles.

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Diving changed my life. Leaving my new science degree behind, I followed my passion to become a Divemaster less than a year later and then an instructor the following year. 

One of my favourite things about teaching and guiding people on their underwater adventures is sharing what I know about the little critters that make up the reefs I quickly called home.

As the years went on, I enthusiastically promoted ocean awareness to everyone I could, but mostly to those who could bear my… jawsome… sense of humour.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to share my passion in the usual way, I decided to merge my love of the ocean, science and all things wild with a sustainable business model that I can take away with me once the world finds a bit more normalcy.

The name Divine Depth represents the spirit of adventure, optimism and the other-worldly beauty the ocean offers us.

As we dive into 2021, I’m excited to start this adventure with all of you.

And lastly, as always, dive safe and have fun!


A diver shares her passion for diving and the ocean.