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By speaking up for nature as a community, we have the incredible opportunity to put the spotlight on our planet and spark global conversations on the urgent need for change. We can end nature loss and put our planet on a path to recovery by 2030 by influencing our world leaders to secure international commitments.

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The climate crisis is still with us and has become even more pressing due to the rapid loss of biodiversity and nature. Nature provides us with food, water, clean air and other services worth over US $125 trillion a year and is our best bet to fight climate change.


is a special year where we can push world leaders to take action. In just a few months, global leaders will come together for the 15th meeting of the United Nations Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. It’s at this conference where major political decisions for the next decade and beyond will be made on climate action, nature and sustainable development. These are the decisions that will directly affect the fate of humanity and our planet.


Plastic pollution is harming our rivers, lakes, oceans, and wildlife, and generating microplastics in the water we use and drink.

That’s why the Liberal government is taking bold action to protect our natural environment and ban harmful single-use plastics like plastic bags, straws, take-out containers, and more — bringing Canada one step closer to a zero waste future.

The Liberal government has stepped up as part of global efforts to reduce plastic pollution. We adopted the Oceans Plastics Charter in 2018, are investing $100 million to address plastic waste in developing countries, and banned products with plastic microbeads to protect Canadian freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Add your name now to support the Liberal government’s action to fight plastic pollution, and to protect a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.