8 GREAT WHITE Healthyish Snacks for the Hungry Diver


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dive snacks

At Divine Depth, we’re divers too and LOVE our post dive snacks! Heck! Not even just after diving! We love our snacks anywhere and anytime, so to prevent the dreaded hangriness some of us have… they know who they are… we make sure to be prepared with our favourite surface interval snacks!

We’re also giving the whole “smart snacking” trend a try to keep us healthy so we can dive all day everyday… but… chocolate is our weak spot…so we’ll have to make a completely separate 8 GREAT WHITE post for that delectable treat, so stay tuned!!

Now… Back to the healthyish snacks! Nom, nom, nom!

When we dive, like any physical activity, we burn a lot of energy, so it’s important that we eat to keep us strong and alert. While most dive charters do include surface interval snacks and sometimes a lunch, be sure to ask, it doesn’t hurt to bring your own! 

P.S. Coming from instructors, make your dive guide’s day by packing a little extra to share with them too! Like you, the sea and food make them smile and a change of pace from the provided boat snacks is always super exciting! Plus, the snacks listed here will be sure to give them a giggle!

So, without further ado, here are our 8 GREAT WHITE healthyish snacks for hungry scuba divers, because no one likes an empty tank!

PRANA Organic Amandine Maple Almonds

You can’t get more Canadian than this tasty snack! Made with organic maple syrup and almonds, a great white natural protein, your tank will feel like it has an extra 100 PSI before starting the next dive. This snack is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten free, kosher AND Fairtrade!

Prana is a Canadian brand, born out of a love of food and a passion for snacktivism and apparently likes puns as much as we do! As an extra bonus, they have recently started using recyclable packaging!

SmartSweets Berry Sweet Fish

Smart, sweet and fish shaped? We couldn’t believe it either! Never have we met a candy that actually tastes so good with such little sugar! Free from artificial sweeteners and colours, this treat is RIDICULOUSLY high in fibre, non GMO, gluten, peanut and tree nut free! SmartSweets, like us, are Canadian and women owned!! Just overall fishtastic and will have your fins a flippin!

We just highlighted the fish shaped treats here because we are diving dorks, but SmartSweets has other tasty flavours and shapes!

You can read ALL of our TURTLEY AWESOME reasons about this treat by clicking HERE!

Three Farmers Crunchy Little Lentils Sea Salt & Vinegar

There is something so satisfying about having a mouthful of these. Grown and made in Canada, high in fibre and protein, this perfectly sea salted snack is jawsome!

Noble Vegan Jerky

Jerky-lover but looking for more meat free options to reduce your carbon footprint? Cue Noble Vegan Jerky. This jerky is made completely from plant based protein and is marinated and seasoned to perfection! We were a bit skeptical at first, but it does have a similar texture and taste to the real meat thing and it’s non GMO which doesn’t hurt! Super yum! However, for those that do have some dietary restrictions, it does contain soy and is made in a facility that also processes wheat.
What we like about this jerky is that it is light and easy to transport… AND it comes in a RECYCLABLE packaging! Just overall a GREAT WHITE snack to take out on the boat, fuel a hike or wherever the day takes you!

Herbaland Pina Colada Electrolyte Gummies

Staying hydrated is a divers best friend and helps to reduce the risk of decompression sickness! These electrolyte gummies, paired with water, are a fun and innovative way to help with that during your surface interval! Though pina colada flavoured, this snack is alcohol free, low in sugar, non GMO, gluten free and vegan! As an added bonus, the packaging is compostable!!

Could this be the most Eco-Diver Lifestyle gummy in existence?! Perhaps debate the topic with your buddy at the end of a dive day with a real pina colada in hand!

You can read ALL of our TURTLEY AWESOME reasons about this treat by clicking HERE!

SeaSnax Chomperz Seaweed Chips

A bite-size snack for the sea lover (sea what we did there?). Hearty and satisfying these sustainably harvested and roasted seaweed curls are wrapped in rice and lightly seasoned. Though not Canadian like our other yummy snacks, SeaSnax is a family run business that believes in making the world a better, healthier and gentler place by supporting a handful of organizations using a portion of their profits!

GoGo Quinoa Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crumbly and Canadian, these crunchy cookies made with quinoa flour have rich chocolatey goodness! Individually wrapped in a recyclable envelope make them an ideal treat for lunches on the dive boat!

Squish Vegan Shark Attack Candy

Duunn dunnn… duunn dunn… We first wanted to eat these, well, just because they are sharks (one of the most perfect creatures found on the planet!), but luckily for us, they’re yum! These SHARKTASTIC gourmet candies are made using real blueberry, black currant and raspberry extracts and are free of GMOs. Coming proudly from Canadian waters, this candy is also packaged in recyclable material. Though maybe not even in the healthyish category, we couldn’t not mention them somewhere. We’re sure they will still be able to… TIDE you over.

Those are all healthyish dive snacks? Right?

Either way, happy snacking!

And lastly, as always, dive safe and have fun!

“Eat. Sleep. Dive. “

– Unknown


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