8 GREAT WHITE Ways for Eco-Divers to Spend Earth Hour at Home


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This year’s Earth Hour will be a little different from those we have all done in the past. In light of the ongoing health crisis resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus), we recommend that if you want to participate, do so virtually at home or in a quiet spot in nature, as a way to do your part for public health and safety.

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Now, I know you’re probably tired of staying at home and totally over corona, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorable Earth Hour!! After all, in the past, for many of us, turning out the lights for a single hour was fun! Why should that change?!

In different times, we would have recommended completely unplugging from technology, as a way to really connect with nature and the statement you are making, but this year, more than ever, we all need to stay connected to each other.

To help you plan the night’s festivities with family and friends, we’re sharing some fun GREAT WHITE activities to do at home or online this Earth Hour (Saturday, March 27 AT 8:30pm your local time).

1. Burn those candles and those calories! 

Heat it up or stretch it out with your favourite virtual HIIT workout or a relaxing yoga session. Our go to app is Down Dog! What better way to connect with nature than trying some animal-inspired poses!?

Your down time is a great opportunity to think on ways you can bring your commitment to climate action beyond Earth Hour.

2. Make a splash… with paint! Ocean art in the dark.

Unleash the Eco-Diver artist in you by creating an ocean masterpiece in the dark. If paint sounds too messy, try drawing some of your favourite ocean creatures instead. Once the hour is up, turn on the lights and be amazed by your skills or have a laugh!

If you’re feeling really funky, give glow-in-the-dark neon paint a try!

3. Dinner in the dark. Host a virtual dinner party for family and friends.

The magic of Zoom! Invite your friends and family to prepare a sustainably sourced dish or snack. At 8:30pm, light some candles, turn off the lights and sit down for some late night eats and share what each of you have made! Cheers!

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4. Keep your head up! Look at the stars.

Fill your travel mug with hot chocolate, grab some cozy blankets and venture out to an open spot near your home to gaze up at the stars. Maybe even study up on the cosmos and try to find some ocean themed constellations, like the Crab or Pisces!

If leaving home isn’t an option, turn your living room into your own campsite! You’re never too old to build a tent fort! Take photos and compare with your friends!

5. Board game night!

Have a night of board games by candlelight with members of your household or battle your friends with an online game of chess or Boggle!

Disclaimer: Divine Depth is not responsible for any friendships ruined by a game of Monopoly.

6. Do you smell popcorn?! Have an ocean themed movie night!

Make some homemade popcorn and sit down to watch your favourite ocean themed movies, like Finding Nemo or watch some jawsome Emmy Award-winning documentaries on Netflix such as Our Planet. If you don’t have Netflix, you can catch one bonus episode for free here: Our Planet: Our Business.

7. Take a walk. Take in the sights.

Take a stroll around your neighbourhood to see who else is participating in Earth Hour. Many of the world’s iconic landmarks, such as the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House participate. Be sure to maintain physical distancing from others who have the same idea!

If you’re into photography, why not even try taking some time-lapse shots!?

8. Make a resolution. How can you become a better Eco-Diver?

Do you want to purchase more sustainable products? Take shorter showers? Earth Hour is a good a time as any to make a resolution to reduce your carbon footprint. Putting something in writing is a fun way to hold yourself more accountable. 

We would love to hear what you are going to do for Earth Hour! Leave a comment below to let us know! Also, be sure to share your Earth Hour experience with us using the hashtag #EarthHour and tag us @divine_depth on Instagram and @divinedepthCA on Facebook so we can easily share your posts and stories!

And lastly, as always, dive safe and have fun!



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