Our Giving Program

Giving back is important to us and we’re thrilled that you can help us with that!

Through Our Giving Program, we are able to connect and educate people about marine non-profit organizations throughout Canada and the globe who are in desperate need of support!

We proudly give 1% of our profits to our giving partners.

Help us save the ocean and learn more about our fishtastic partners!

Our Giving Partners


ARCAS is a dedicated wildlife and marine conservation organization established by a passionate group of Guatemalan citizens and relies heavily on the help of volunteers. Our donations are received by ARCAS’s Hawaii base, which focuses on sea turtle conservation and research.

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Nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as Endangered, with 2 of the 7 species classified as Critically Endangered, according to IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Sea turtle eggs are a traditional source of protein and income for impoverished residents in small villages on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Under a government-sponsored scheme, local egg collectors are allowed to harvest the nests of ONLY olive ridley sea turtles, as long as 20% of each nest is donated to a local hatchery.

However, it’s not clear that this conservation quota system is sustainable in the long term and the eggs of the endangered green and leatherback sea turtle species are still being harvested.

Our donations help pay the wages of local guides (the majority ex-poachers) who, during the breeding season, patrol stretches of the beach looking for turtles that have come ashore to lay their eggs. Once the turtles have headed back into the ocean, the guides dig up and relocate ALL the eggs to the safety of the hatchery. Up to two months later, the eggs hatch and the little teeny babies are released back to the ocean.

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The long-term impact of contributing to this project is to offer an alternative to the exploitation of turtle nests by providing ex-poachers and low-income residents with sustainable livelihoods. With tourism growing rapidly in this area, continual training and support for local residents is essential for them to successfully transition into the industry.

Georgia Strait Alliance

Georgia Strait Alliance (GSA) is dedicated to protecting and restoring the marine environment and promoting the sustainability of the Strait of Georgia (along the West coast of British Columbia), its adjoining waters, and communities. They have become a strong voice and leader on topics such as species at risk and marine habitat protection, sewage treatment, open net-cage salmon farming, fossil fuel transport, and water pollution.

Rapid population growth, development, and climate change threatens the natural environment and the wildlife that live in the Strait, an area that Parks Canada has called “the most at-risk natural environment in Canada.”

Our donations go towards the GSA Biodiversity Program. The program ensures that the region’s most threatened marine species and their habitats are protected. This includes their teams continued leadership on the implementation of recovery and protection efforts impacting endangered Southern Resident orcas, with a specific focus on contaminant-related threats, monitoring and enforcement.